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    • Transfer Case Lubricant
    • For BorgWarner 44-40
    • Original product from USA
  1. Mopar "Power Steering Fluid +4"

    • synthetic axle lubricant
    • for use in Limited Slip differentials
    • only for use in Alfa Romeo vehicles
  2. Mopar RTV, Dichtungsmasse 85 g
    Mopar RTV, Dichtungsmasse 85 g
    (€0.13* / 1 KG)
    Mopar ATF-RTV, SILICONE RUBBER Dichtmasse Dichtmittel
  3. Mopar Limited Slip Additive 0,120 L
    Mopar Limited Slip Additive 0,120 L
    (€99.58* / 1 L)
    Mopar Limited Slip Additive 0,120 L 04318060AB
  4. Mopar NV245 · NV247 · NV249

  5. Mopar  8 & 9 speed ATF 0,946 L
    Mopar 8 & 9 speed ATF 0,946 L
    (€37.53* / 1 L)
    • For Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and Chrysler Group LLC vehicles
    • Automatic transmission fluid with ZF specification
    • From USA
  6. Mopar Transfer Case Lubricant for Borgwarner 44-44
    • Transfer Case Lubricant especially for carbon fiber clutch plates
    • Original product imported from USA
  7. Mopar Hydrauliköl 0,946 L
  8. Mopar Synthetic Gear & Axle Lubricant 75W-140

    • Manual transaxle lubricant specifically for NV-350 transaxle
    • Maintains cold temperature properties and shift quality
    • Original Mopar/Chrysler approval: MS-9417

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Greate selection of lubricants for your car | ATO24

The car is much more than just a motor and a beautiful design. In order for the engine to operate at all and bring down his PS to the streets, it requires lubrication with high quality oils. Some cars need mineral oils and others semi-synthetic or fully synthetic ones. Special additives in the oil give the additional performance boost. The internal engine is lubricated by the classic engine oil/ motor oil. The steering gets lubricated by hydraulic oil or power steering fluid. Thus, the braking force works also at a high speed, the brake fluid helps. The ratio of the transmission may be well lubricated. An ATF (automatic transmission fluid) or Manual Transmission Fluid is indispensable. And so that all parts work smoothly, high quality grease helps. The weather conditions throughout the year should not be disregarded. Thus, the liquid of the engine cooling from freezing, a good antifreeze / coolant should not be ignored.