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  1. nissan mt gear oil tl/jr 75w-80
    Nissan MT Gear Oil TL/JR 75W-80 1 L
    (€11.95* / 1 L)
    • 75W-80
    • manual transmission and rear axle oil
    • for sports and off-road vehicles
  2. Toyota Schaltgetriebe
    Toyota Gear Oil MTF LV 75W 1 L
    (€12.95* / 1 L)
    • Part number: 08885-81001
    • Viscosity: 75W
    • High-performance additives
  3. ht ebenso den Schaltkomfort. Die herausragende thermische und oxidative Stabilitä
    • Premium manual transmission fluid
    • suitable for lifelong filling according to manufacturer
    • for many manufacturers
    • Part number: KE91699932
    • Specification: API GL4+
    • Especially for sport cars and SUVs
    • Manual transaxle lubricant specifically for NV-3500 transaxle
    • Maintains shift quality and cold temperature properties
    • Original Mopar/Chrysler approval: MS-9417
  4. RAVENOL MTF-2 75W-80--0-
    RAVENOL MTF-2 SAE 75W-80
    As low as €15.49
    • APi GL-4 / MT-1 specification
    • fully synthetic transmission oil
    • for BMW, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, MB, VW
    • Improves shifting quality
    • WIth lower fluid friction
    • Imported from the USA
    • For use in differentials and manual transmissions
    • Also applicable for axles lubrication with API GL-4
    • With Dana SHAES 234 and Mack GO-J approvals
    • für synchronized and non-synchronized transmission
    • meets MB 235.0
    • API GL-5 specification
    • API GL-5 Spezifikation
    • für hoch belastete hypoid Getriebe
    • Ford M2C-9002A Empfehlung
    • semi-synthetic transmission oil
    • for Citroen and Peugeot vehicles
    • PSA B71 2315 Standard
    • API GL-4, MIL-L-2105D specification
    • for ZF TE-ML 16A, 17A, 19A
    • Ford SQM-2C-9008 A recommendation
  5. RAVENOL Vollsynthet. Getriebeoel VSG 75W-90--0-
    As low as €15.95
    • fully synthetic high performance transmission oil
    • MIL-L 2105 D recommendation
    • suitable for MAN 342
    • für synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions
    • Ford M2C-9002A
    • suitable for ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 17B
  6. RAVENOL MTF-3 75W
    As low as €15.49
    • SAE 75W viscosity
    • for BMW, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Ford
    • Ford WSS-M2C200-D2 recommendation
  7. RAVENOL MTF-1 75W-85--0-
    RAVENOL MTF-1 SAE 75W-85
    As low as €14.95
    • API GL-4/GL-5 specification
    • fully synthetic formulation
    • MB 235.4 and 235.7 recommendation
    • semi-synthetic transmission oil
    • VW 501 50 recommendation
    • API GL-4 specification
    • synthetic multi purpose engine oil for manual transmissions
    • replaces Volvo 1161645
    • among others for GDI engines
    • API GL-4/-5/-5 inkl. LS
    • FORD WSS-M2C200-C/C2
    • VW G50/G51
    • High performance gear oil with API GL-4 / GL-5 specification
    • suitable for any type of seal
    • reduces gearbox drag and fuel consumption
    • for vehicle transmissions without limited slip differential
    • with API GL-5 specification
    • mineral mypoid gear oil
    • For use in differentials and manual transmissions
    • Also applicable for axles lubrication with API GL-4
    • Dana SHAES 234 and Mack GO-J recommendation

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Gear oils are abbreviated with GL which stands for Gear Lubricant. Furthermore gear oil is called transmission fluid. It describes the various transmission oil classes with numbers from one to six representing the resistance of the oil. These classes were introduced shortly API by the American Petroleum Institute. The class API GL - 1 includes gear oils for light applications that are not mixed with additives. They are used in bevel gears, worm gears and non-synchronized manual. Oils class API GL - 2 are suitable for use in moderate applications, they usually contain additives that protect against wear. API GL - 3 oils have also been developed for moderate applications, are not recommended for hypoid gears.


Gear oil for matching application

Gear oils with API GL-4 classification, can be used under several conditions. They are suitable for bevel and hypoid gears with small axial offset and are also recommended for non-synchromesh gearboxes. For synchronized manual transmission oils class four is the minimum standard in Europe. API GL-5 gear oils are classified suitable for use under harsh conditions. They are used for lubricating bevel and hypoid gears with large axial offset. In addition they are suitable for use in differentials. Frequently manufacturers use in this type of gear oils various approvals that appropriate oil may be used in this case only in the approved by the manufacturer Gear. This is often found particularly in limited-slip differentials (LS). The specification API GL-6 had been withdrawn, since it was found that API GL-5 gear oils meet the requirements sufficiently.