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    • Part number: 08886-81210
    • Wear protection
    • High-performanace composition
  1. Nissan NS-2 CVT Fluid 4 L
    Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2 4 L
    (€12.49* / 1 L)
    • Part number: KLE5200004EU
    • For Nissan E-CVT Transmissions
    • Recommendation for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles
    • From Hydro-processed base oils with power-efficient additives
    • Produced in USA with Mercon V license number M5091101
  2. MOBIL ATF LT 71141, 1 L
    MOBIL ATF LT 71141, 1 L
    (€9.25* / 1 L)
    • semi-synthetic transmission oil
    • for ZF gearboxes in VW and Mercedes
    • MB 236.11 approval
  3. Fuchs Titan ATF 4134--0-
    Fuchs Titan ATF 4134
    As low as €6.25
    • transmission oil for automatic transmissions
    • developed for Mercedes 7-speed NAG 2 automatic transmissions
    • also suitable for Ssang Yong vehicles
  4. Mopar ATF +4
    Mopar ATF+4
    As low as €10.40
    • Recommended for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep automatic transmissions
    • For certain manuals transmissions and power steering systems recommended
    • Compatible with ATF+, ATF+2, ATF+3 spezifictions
  5. Honda ATF DW-1  0.946 L
    Honda ATF DW-1 0.946 L
    (€13.73* / 1 L)
    • Especially for modern Honda vehicles
    • Extra protection for seals and O-rings
    • Smoother shiftings at cold and hot periods
  6. BMW Transmission Fluid ATF DII 1 L
  7. RAVENOL ATF+4 Fluid
    RAVENOL ATF+4 Fluid
    As low as €9.55
    • ATF for Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle
    • fully synthetic formulation
    • mixable with all ATF+4, ATF+3, ATF+2
    • Part number: KE90899931
    • For ATFs incl. N-CVT
    • Premium wear protection
  8. Mopar RTV, Dichtungsmasse 85 g
    Mopar RTV, Sealing Silicon 85 g
    (€0.13* / 1 KG)
    • Original Mopar RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing
    • Especially to retain sealing and adhesion properties
    • Meets the MS-GF-41-B approval
  9. Motorcraft Type F ATF 0,946 L
    Motorcraft Type F ATF PSF 0,946 L
    (€6.86* / 1 L)
    • For automatic transmission and power steering
    • Especially for older transmission and power steering
    • Original product from USA

Items 1-12 of 104

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Buy automatic transmission fluid (ATF) online at ATO24

The ATF is a very important oil fort the automatic transmission. The ATF is also important oil for the automatic transmission, since it lubricates the gears and shafts in the gearbox. Generally it is only required for cars as a transmission for motorcycles gets lubricated by the engine oil. The oil in the automatic transmission should be changed when the oil leaves deposits and contaminate the automatic transmission. An automatic transmission needs a new oil once delays and irregularities during switching operations are noticeable. An ATF is different from the method of manufacture up to the manufacturer's recommendation. So if you want to buy oil for the gear in your car, you should consider all this. If it goes to the appropriate viscosity for the transmission in a car, an oil for the automatic transmission oil ranges from SAE 70 (very liquid) up to SAE 250 (very thick). If it goes to the manufacturer's recommendation, you will receive a matching part number that is assigned to an oil or the specific product name of the ATF. As each car requires a different amount of liters of transmission oil, we offer automatic transmission fluid of 0.354 liters, 1 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter and up to 208 liter. With this selection, you don´t have to buy too much liters. You´ll get the exactly required number of liters you need. In addition to major brands such as Mercedes, you will also find a gear oil by many other manufacturers, with the same manufacturer's recommendation. Decide for yourself whether you choose a Mercedes ATF or cheaper but also high-quality automatic transmission fluid.