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  1. Motul 800 2T FL Road Racing 1 L
    Motul 800 2T FL Road Racing 1 L
    (€13.70* / 1 L)
    • fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil
    • developed for road racing use
    • ESTER Core Technology
    • fully synthetic 2-stroke oil
    • with special ester additives
    • API TD specification
    • mineral 2-stroke engine oil
    • for spereate lubrication and self-mixing systems
    • meets API TB and Jaso FB
    • For two-stroke snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, PWCs
    • Prevents piston ring & exhaust power valve sticking
    • Gives maximum performance and protection
    • For high-performance & modified 2-cycle engines
    • In ATVs, Go-carts, motorcycles, watercrafts
    • Perfect under racing conditions
    • fully synthetic 2-stroke oil with ester additives
    • for air and watercooled 2-stroke engines
    • API TD specification
    • semi-synthetic 2-stroke engine oil
    • for air and watercooled 2-stroke engines
    • meets API TC

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2-stroke engine oil for your motorcycle

Compared to normal engine oil, so-called two-act oil has several special features. As a rule, its formulation is selected so that it burns completely under normal circumstances during its use, this is important in order to avoid deposits in the exhaust system. The task of two-stroke oils is to protect the motor reliably against wear and corrosion. Since they are mixed directly with the gasoline for the so-called two-stroke mixture, it is important that they are easily miscible and do not separate from the gasoline even during long periods.