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    • For 2-and 4-stroke motorcycle engines
    • Recommended for liquid or air-cooled engines
    • Optimum gear protection under extreme pressure
    • Developed for V-Twin Engines
    • Very good wear protection
    • Provides smooth shifting
    • Withstands high temperatures

    • Performs well under heavy loads
    • Excellent protection for the engine
    • Reduces friction
    • Based on high-quality oils
    • Reduces oil consumption
    • 4 x 0,946 L AMSOIL 20W-50 V-Twin motorcycle oil
    • 1x AMSOIL oil filter EaOM134C
  1. Motul Scooter Power 4T 10W-30 MB 1 Liter
    Motul Scooter Power 4T 10W-30 MB 1 L
    (€10.79* / 1 L)
    • Fully-synthetic motor oil
    • For high-performance 4-stroke scooter
    • Reduces the oil consumption
    • High-End product from the USA
    • especially developed for metric bikes
    • harmonizes performance and wear protection
  2. Motul 7100 4T 10W50 1L
    Motul 7100 4T 10W-50
    As low as €11.55
    • Fully-snythetic motorbike motor oil
    • Beats the common KTM & Triumph requests
    • For the engine and transmission
    • special product for air-cooled V-Twin engines
    • meets JASO MA, API SM, ILSAC GF-4
    • provides best temperature protection with simultaneous reduction of wear
    • gasoline additive suited for all 2- and 4-stroke gasoline engines
    • prevents oxidation and aging of fuel
    • cleans fuel system
    • high-performance 5W-40 motorcycle engine oil
    • meets API SN, JASO MA2
    • suitable for many BMW motorcycles
    • Originalöl des Herstellers
    • für viele aktuelle Modelle geeignet
    • erfüllt API SM, JASO MA2

Items 1-12 of 61

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4-stroke engine oil from top brands

With four-stroke oils, the engine is lubricated separately from the gasoline, which means they are not mixed with the fuel and also do not burn in the engine. Four-stroke engines are more complex than two-stroke engines in their construction and therefore require a higher maintenance effort. However, they are easier to handle for everyday use. Four-bar oils should be particularly heat-resistant to prevent soiling of the exhaust system.