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    • For use in four-stroke air- or liquid-cooled motorcycles
    • E.g. in Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, BMW
    • Increases octane for more power and efficiency
    • Cleans dirty injectors
    • Lubricates pumps and injectors to reduce wear
    • Combats fuel-system corrosion
    • Cleans fuel injector, intake valve, combustion chamber
    • Perfect in port fuel & gasoline direct injected engines
    • Reduces fuel consumption and noises
  1. AMSOIL Power Schaum 0,510 Kg
    AMSOIL Power Foam 0,510 Kg
    (€20.29* / 1 KG)
    • Removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits
    • Cleans intake valves, intake manifolds, throttle plates
    • Improves engine performance and fuel economy
  2. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery 0,888 L
    AMSOIL Diesel Recovery 0,888 L
    (€16.84* / 1 L)
    • Emergency diesel fuel treatment
    • Dissolves wax crystals and defrost fuel filters
    • In diesel fuels, incl. ULSD, off-road, biodiesel
  3. AMSOIL Diesel Cetan-Schub 0,473 L
    AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost 0,473 L
    (€22.18* / 1 L)
    • For heavy-& light-duty vehilces, on-& off-road
    • Also usable for marine diesel engines
    • Improves performance and startability

6 Items

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Buy additives online at ATO24

Additives are a real performance miracle. Used in fuel (diesel, petrol and gas) or in the engine, it provides even more power. The same applies to the cooling system. Fuels are already accumulated in their base with additives. Without these additives fuels couldn´t be burned properly. Total, as a large company for fuels, shows this relevance of additives in the gasoline or diesel in their transparent view of their production of fuels. But not only Total enriches its fuel with additives, but each manufacturer of fuels. For fuels thus additives form a base. Important features that can still be improved by training. An additional additive for the diesel engine releases the last available power reserves. The risk that the motor is rotating does not exist. Even more the particle residues in the engine get eliminated. And the combustion of the fuel improves.

AMSOIL counts as the founder of synthetic oils. The american lubricants represent quality and innovation like no one else. Because of the synthetic attributes, the Amsoil oils show a better performance and are universal usable. These perfomance indicators do not show many compareabale lubricants. Because of that, the Amsoil lubricants outperform many oil regulars of car and motorbike manufacturer. The most expertise show Amsoil in his car and motorbike oils. For european cars, Amsoil created a special European Car Fomula product series and the Signature Series with increased oil change intervalls. Via the automatic transmission fluids, Amsoil represents his multiple usable products. Because with only two ATFs, Amsoil covers the approvals of most cars. In point of motorbike technology, Amsoil is very famous for his 20W-50 engine oil. The Amsoil 20W-50 is usable as engine oil, transmission fluid and chain lubricant at the same time. It is specially usable for motorbikes from BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati and KTM. For sure, it is also eligible for all other motorbike with a need of 20W-50 engine oil. Additionally, Amsoil also offers lubricants for extreme sports and the racing sport. With ATO24 you find the only german certified Amsoil distributor. Our product range offers a great selection of Amsoil oils andi s growing up regularly. Although Amsoil i spart of more expensive lubricants, we try to offer these oils for the lowest prices as possible. With success! More and more customers count on Amsoil and use the synthetic oil for cars and motorbikes. That improves the performance of these vehicles from the first time.