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    • Oilchange Kit for ZF 6HP transmission oil change
    • with integrated filter and screw set
    • suitable for 6HP26, 6HP26 X, 6HP28, 6HP28 X, 6HP32 
    • Oilfilter for oil change on ZF 6HP 19A
    • special product for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles
    • Oil pan for transmission oil change for ZF 6HP transmissions
    • with integrated filter and screw set
    • suitable for 6HP19, 6HP19 X, 6HP21, 6HP21 X
    • oil pan for transmission oil change of ZF 8HP transmissions
    • with integrated filter and screw set
    • suitable for 8HP45 / 50 / 70 / 75 
    • Oil Pan for ZF 8HP automatic transmission oil change
    • with integrated oil filter, screw-set and gasket
    • suitable for GA8HP45 / 50 / 70 / 75 transmissions
  1. Amsoil EAO
    Amsoil Car & Motorbike Oil Filter
    As low as €13.95
    (€13.95* / 1 L)
    • Synthetic filter fibres
    • Improved engine oil filtration
    • Ideal for synthetic engine oils
    • Toyota 04152-37010
    • Auris, Avensis III 1600, 1800 16V
    • Knecht OX416D1
    • 4 x 0,946 L AMSOIL 20W-50 V-Twin motorcycle oil
    • 1x AMSOIL oil filter EaOM134C
    • Mopar Original Oil Filter
    • for Dodge Challenger and Viper
    • Original OEM spare part from Mopar
    • for 3.7 L V6 engines
    • OEM original spare part Filter
    • for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles
    • including O-Ring
    • Original Mopar Oil Filter
    • for 5.7 and 6.4 L engines as of 2013 / 2015
    • directly from the USA
    • Harley-Davidson 6381290, 6381390
    • exposed 17mm nut for easy removal
    • perfect protection against wear
    • suitable for Power Stroke Diesel applications
    • for Ford Diesel V8 6.4 L and 6.0 L
    • for Ford Power Stroke Diesel
    • Ford original equipment product
    • for Ford Power Stroke Diesel
    • Ford original equipment product
    • for modern 6.7 L engines

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Buy oil filter online for low prices

Who wants to buy his motor oil online should not forget to buy a suitable oil filter for his car or motorbike. Just a new and fresh motor oil can´t secure a great engine lubrication. It also needs a fresh oil filter, which cleans the motor oil and protects it agains deposits. Our shop offers a great selection of car and motorbike oil filter. The stock of car oil filter icludes the brands of Alco, Mopar and Motorcraft. For motorbike oil filter, our stock show a small selection of K&N oil filter, which are especially suitable for Harley Davidson motorbikes. 

Find the right oil filter for your car:


Find the right oil filter for your Harley Davidson: 


Oil fiter for your car 

Our car oil filter brands of Mopar, Motorcraft and Alco offer a suitable oil filter for several car models. Alco presents a selection especially for european and asian car manufacturers. The Alco oil filter finder offers an easy way to find out the needed car oil filter. In point of Motorcraft and Mopar, they offer suitable oil filter for american car models like Jeep, Ford and Dodge. Therfore have a look into your service manual and find out the necessary part number to select the right oil filter. 

Harley-Davidson oil filter from K&N 

The manufacturer K&N offers the right oil filter for Harley Davidson models with just a few filter tpyes. That enables us to offer the right oil filter for hundrets of Harley Davidson motorbike models. The special advantage of the K&N oil filter lays in the matt and chrome optics, which perfectly adapts the classic Halrey Davidson design. Just choose the K&N oil filter finder, choose the right construction year and model and geht the right oil filter. 

You are still searching for the right oil filter? Just concact us at service@ato24.de.