Mazda Getriebeöl ATF M-V 1 L

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Mazda Orignal Oil Transmission Fluid ATF Type M5

Mazda Original Oil Automatic Transmission Fluid is a unique automatic transmission fluid specially made to meet the exact quality requirements of Mazda.

This gear oil meets the Mazda M5 specifications and is recommended for use in all Mazda vehicles with ATF M5.

Mazda ATF M5 was designed to get maximum performance from Mazda automatic transmissions.

A high viscosity index with special characteristics for low temperatures is used to provide stable operation over a wide temperature range. This allows an easier engine starting and smooth shifting at low temperatures. Special anti-wear properties are helping to protect the transmission from copper corrosion and excessive wear.

Always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • for Mazda automatic transmissions
  • Mazda ATF M5 specification
  • protects against wear
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Manufacturer Mazda
Item No. MA-ATFM5-1
Volume 1 L
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