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    • with API SM approval
    • increased rust and corrosion protection
    • NMMA-certified 
    • premium quality engine oil
    • suitable for all types of diesel engines
    • highly effective 12-base formulation
    • für water-cooled outboard engines
    • reduces deposits
    • lower odour and smoke thanks to 100:1 ratio
    • With TC-W3 Performance
    • Wear and corrosion protection
    • Power motor oil
    • For petrol and diesel engines
    • Rust and corrosion protection
    • Modern additives
    • high quality synthetic 4-stroke outboard engine oil
    • API SG specification
    • excellent corrosion protection
    • high quality base 2-stroke engine oil
    • NMMA TC-W3 certified
    • typical mixing ratio: 1:50
    • semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil
    • can be used in mixture of up to 1:75 wih regular petrol
    • meets NMMA TC-W3
    • fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil
    • blue coloured
    • meets API-TD, ISO-L-EGD, JASO FD
    • mineral-based engine oil for 4-stroke outboard marine engines
    • NMMA FC-W approval
    • for Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, Johnson etc.
    • high additive treated marine engine oil for inboard engines
    • API CF specification
    • for Nanni Diesel, Vetus Deutz, Volvo Penta etc.
    • for marine petrol engines
    • meets ACEA E7/B4, API SL
    • for Vetus Deutz, Steyr, Volvo Penta etc.

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Find the right outbard engine oil for any boat

Marine engines require other oils than passenger cars or motorcycles. Due to their longer time of staying, engine oils need specific additives and need to perform well under high engine performances. As with other oils, it needs the choice between synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. For the oil selection it needs the control of the required engine oil. Never use a synthetic one if a mineral oil is permitted. In common, all outboard engines need a high viscosity oil. That counts for 2-stroke as for 4-stroke outboarders.