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    • special hydraulic fluid
    • for power steering, level control, brake booster and suspension
    • for vehicles of VW Group
    • synthetic hydraulic fluid for power steering
    • for Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi
  1. RAVENOL PSF-Y Fluid
    As low as €10.95
    • fully synthetic servo steering fluid 
    • for Volkswagen, Mercedes and Chrysler
    • Chrysler MS-5931, MS-9933 recommendation
    • bearing grease for high speed roller and ball bearings
    • especially for chassis lubrication
    • meets ISO-L-XCCFA3
    • Lithium saponified long-term grease
    • for heavily loaded plain and rolling bearings
    • meets LOVAT LOV-204
    • Lithium saponified with molybdenum sulfide MoS2
    • for hard to reach places and reciprocating maschine parts
    • salt water resistant
    • Lithium saponified with Graphit
    • for highest temperatures and shock loadings
    • meets ISO 6743
    • Lithium saponified multipurpose grease
    • for lightly loaded bearings
    • MB 267.0, ISO 6743
  2. Pentosin PSF 1 L
    Pentosin PSF 1 L
    (€8.95* / 1 L)
    • meets MB 236.3
    • high performance power steering fluid
    • for passenger and trucks
    • for protection of contacts and metal parts
    • ISO-L-XCCIB2
    • DIN 51 502: KP2K-30
  3. LIQUI MOLY Schmierfix 50 g
    LIQUI MOLY Schmierfix 50 g
    (€115.00* / 1 KG)
    • universal lubricant paste
    • prevents creaking and squeaking
    • transparent and water resistant
  4. LIQUI MOLY Silicon-Fett 100 g
    LIQUI MOLY Silicon-Fett 100 g
    (€97.00* / 1 KG)
    • Sliding grease with silicone
    • keeps plastic and rubber elastic
    • for sliding roofs, seat guides, etc.

Items 25-36 of 91

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Buy industrial oil online at ATO24

The industrial fluid management requires a continuous monitoring of the liquid working media. In point of that it requires a constantly view of the acting energies. So that the oil works efficient. The daily stresses of pumps, compressors and valves require a high chemical composition of industrial oils. For this reason it is advisable to always rely on a high quality oil. In the field of industry, we offer the products of hydraulic oil, vacuum pump oil, gear oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil and drilling oil concentrate. In addition to industrial oil, ATO24 also offers coolant for the industrial sector. Especially recommended is the Ravenol HTC coolant. The HTC stands for Hybrid Technology Coolant Concentrat and points to the particular chemical composition. For the purpose of fluid management, it is also free of amines and phosphates.