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    • suited for the use in hydraulic systems in construction, forestry and agricultural machinery 
    • effectively reduces the formation of sludge and ptomotes reliability of the hydraulic systems
    • in accordance with DIN 51524 part 2: HLP 22, Hydraulic Oil SEB 181 222 HLP 22
    • special product for compressed air driven tools
    • for impact wrenches, grinders, sanders, hammers
    • lubricates bearings, motor, seals and O-rings
    • lithium saponified grease
    • contains corrosion inhibitors
    • dry running properties achieved by molybdenum addition
    • specially developed for wet operation 
    • high washout resistance
    • protects against corrosion
    • exclusive polymer technology
    • extends maintenance intervals
    • reduces the grease consumption
    • reduces friction and wear
    • suitable for heavy and light applications
    • versatile
    • gearoil for use in hydraulic transmissions of tractors
    • for ZF, Ford, CNH, John Deere, Allison, CAT, Volvo, Fiat
    • API GL-4 specification
    • for construction vehicles and tractors
    • CAT TO-4, Allison C4, ZF TE-ML 03C, 07F
    • SAE 30 viscosity
    • oil for construction vehicles and traktor vehicles
    • CAT TO-4, Allison C4, ZF TE-ML 03C, 07F
    • SAE 10W
  1.  STOU SAE 15W-40
    As low as €24.95
    • meets API SF / CE / CF-4 / GL-4
    • for Ford, MF, ZF, Allison, John Deere, MB
    • CCMC G2/D4 specification
    • STOU special oil with SAE 15W-30
    • meets ACEA E1, E2
    • for CAT, ZF, Vickers, Ford, Dension, John Deere etc.

Items 1-12 of 94

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Buy industrial oil online at ATO24

The industrial fluid management requires a continuous monitoring of the liquid working media. In point of that it requires a constantly view of the acting energies. So that the oil works efficient. The daily stresses of pumps, compressors and valves require a high chemical composition of industrial oils. For this reason it is advisable to always rely on a high quality oil. In the field of industry, we offer the products of hydraulic oil, vacuum pump oil, gear oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil and drilling oil concentrate. In addition to industrial oil, ATO24 also offers coolant for the industrial sector. Especially recommended is the Ravenol HTC coolant. The HTC stands for Hybrid Technology Coolant Concentrat and points to the particular chemical composition. For the purpose of fluid management, it is also free of amines and phosphates.