Chainsaw Oil

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  1. RAVENOL Motor
    RAVENOL Selfmix 2T
    As low as €6.29
    • mineral 2-stroke oil
    • for self-mixing and separate lubrication
    • API TB specification
    • for use in engine powered chainsaws
    • formulated with mineral base
    • For handheld 2-stroke power equipment like chainsaws
    • Also in trimmers, blowers, brush cutters, edgers, shredder
    • Protects the engine especially agains wear
    • Perfect for bar and chain applications, esp. chainsaws
    • Anti-wear additives extend the life of applications
    • Clings to metal surfaces better than other oils
    • for use in engine powered chainsaws
    • biodegradable
    • "Blauer Engel" certified

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Buy Chainsaw Oil

Chainsaw oil is the oil required to operate the chainsaw motor. It provides a reliable lubricating film inside the engine on components that are exposed to operational friction and thus minimizes wear. Since engines in chainsaws are usually 2-stroke engines with mixed lubrication and in rare cases with separate lubrication, you will find in our product range both so-called "self-mix" products and 2-stroke engine oils suitable for use in separate lubrication systems.

Saw Chain Oils at ATO24

ATO24 also supplies chain oils for your chainsaw. As the proper lubrication of the chain during operation is essential, special chain oils from different manufacturers are also available from us. Filled into the intended tank of your chainsaw, the saw chain oil fulfils its lubricating function and keeps the wear of your saw chain low.

Various manufacturers also offer biodegradable saw chain oils, which help to protect the environment.