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    • Suitable for many rim types
    • Gel formula, therefore very economical and effective
    • Acid-free, safe for man and material
    • High-end rim cleaner suitable for many rim types
    • RKDS suitable, guaranteed gentle to all materials
    • cleans even the most stubborn dirt automatically and quickly
    • for all steel and alloy rims
    • suitable for wheels with tyre pressure monitoring systems
    • acid-free formula
  1. RAVENOL Antifrost-Enteiser 500 ml
    RAVENOL Antifreeze De-icer 500 ml
    (€5.90* / 1 L)
    • de-iced windows, headlights and door locks
    • effective formula
  2. Sonax Clay-Ball
    Sonax Clay-Ball
    (€11.95* / 1 PCS)
    • Cleans without scratching
    • Can be used multiple times
    • Dissolves stubborn soiling
  3. Sonax Xtreme Rich Foam Shampoo 1 L
    Sonax Xtreme Rich Foam Shampoo 1 L
    (€11.95* / 1 L)
    • With berry fragrance
    • For hand wash, foam master & foam lance
    • Powerful dirt remover
  4. Liqui Moly Silicon-Spray 300 ml
    Liqui Moly Silicone Spray 300 ml
    (€24.33* / 1 L)
    • protects and treats platic, rubber, metal and wood
    • eliminates unwanted noise
    • impregnates & insulates
  5. Sonax Poliervlies Tuecher 15 Stueck
    Sonax Polishin Cloths 15 pcs.
    (€4.95* / 1 L)
    • Soft polishing cloth
    • Gentle on the paint
    • Leaves no scratches
  6. Sonax HighSpeedWax 500 ml
    Sonax High speed wax 500 ml
    (€19.18* / 1 L)
    • Fast paintwork sealant
    • Just spray on and wipe off
    • Contains premium Carnauba wax
    • suitable as shampoo, rim cleaner, insect remover
    • especially for use in foam nozzles & hand pumps
    • high material compatibility
    • gloss paint for refreshing colour
    • refreshes faded plastic parts
    • with sponge applicator for clean application
    • For all types of steel and light alloy wheels
    • Special cleaner
    • Compatible with several materials

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Car care products for the exterior. High-quality products for the perfect persistent remove

The Car Care plays a different role for each car owner. The regular car cleaning is absolutely recommended. By the weather conditions the paint is exposed to the tar and grime of the streets and the wetness of the rain. In summer, insects remain on paint. Thus, the Car Care covers more than just an upholstery cleaner or instruments cleaner. But the outside cleaning should be carried out only with quality products. Cheap products with harmful chemical additives can attack the paint and lead quickly to rust and paint fading. Your car finally deserves the best. To do this, look at our shop to the variety of high quality products for Car Care. Our cleaners are free of harmful chemical additives and also available at reasonable prices. All our car care products are available exclusively in our online shop and not at Amazon & Co. Of course, we also offer Upholstery cleaner. Guests can use a wishlist in our shop to keep selected car care products through the first purchase in our shop in mind.