Engine Cleaner

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    • removes contaminants at the hot wire or hot plate of air flow sensors
    • suited for use in the air flow sensor in gasoline and diesel engines
    • fast evaporation free of residues
    • for water compatible surfaces
    • dissolvent
    • biodegradable
    • cleans carburetors in suction and throttle valve area
    • degreases and cleans air filters 
    • for off-road and street motorcycles and quads
    • For diesel, gasoline engines, automatic transmissions
    • Removes deposits, varnish, sludge
    • Cleans oil cooler, ports and fluid passages
    • Removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits
    • Cleans intake valves, intake manifolds, throttle plates
    • Improves engine performance and fuel economy
  1. AMSOIL Motor-Korrosionsschutz
    AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil 0,340 kg
    (€28.53* / 1 L)
    • For cars,trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft
    • For board motors, farm devices, 2-or 4-stroke engine
    • Long-term protection against corrosion and dry starts
  2. RAVENOL Kaltreiniger
    RAVENOL Kaltreiniger
    As low as €5.95
    • solventborne cold cleaner
    • for heavy verschmutzte dirty engines and engine parts
    • also for floors, tiles etc.
  3. Motorstarter

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Engine cleaner remove persistent dirt

An engine in your car runs many kilometers during the year and has different temperatures and services suspended. This can lead to contamination, such as the leakage of oil. On the boiling engine, the oil then burns. About the small air spaces through which the oil has leaked, dirt can also get into the engine. Corrosion is a possible consequence. Who wants to save his car from oil or dirt residues, should put on a good cleaner for the engine. Ideally use an engine cleaner. Engine cleaners are universal and not specifically designed for an Audi or VW Golf. Cleaner for the engine frame are for example cold cleaners. This you can easily spray on the engine and clean off with a brush or rag. In the engine, you can use cleaner, such as a special anticorrosive. Just fill in and the engine gets cleaned inside and prevents corrosion. People often buy engine cleaner from Liqui Moly because they associate good quality with it. But other products are not bad. We provide engine cleaner by Ravenol and Amsoil, two absolute premium brands. So why do you buy Liqui Moly Cleaner for a lot of money if you get at least the same quality for less money?! In addition to an appropriate cleaner for your car, we offer a lot more products for your car.