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    • für ALLE Felgen geeignet
    • säurefrei
    • extrem kraftvoll
  1. LIQUI MOLY Schmierfix 50 g
    LIQUI MOLY Schmierfix 50 g
    (€115.00* / 1 KG)
    • universal lubricant paste
    • prevents creaking and squeaking
    • transparent and water resistant
  2. RAVENOL Antifrost-Enteiser 500 ml
    RAVENOL Antifreeze De-icer 500 ml
    (€5.90* / 1 L)
    • de-iced windows, headlights and door locks
    • effective formula
    • cleans GRP, aluminium, plastic, lacquer, glass, acrylic glass
    • removes oil, grease, soot, salt, diesel and environmental pollution
    • protects material and environment
    • entfernt Insektenreste und Verschmutzungen
    • für Glas-, Lack-, Kunststoffoberflächen
    • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamid
    • professional short-pile microfibre cloth
    • cleans streak-free
    • prevents the formation of fluff
    • washglove for exterior cleaning of vehicles
    • high quality microfibre
    • ergonomical fit on the hand
    • microfibre glove for cleaning the vehicle's interior
    • cares and protects the cockpit
    • cleans hard-to-reach areas more easily
    • highly effective foam cleaner
    • suitable for deep cleaning of high quality leather finishes
    • cleans without attacking the leather

Items 1-12 of 155

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The Car Care is a very special topic for car owner. The car should not only drive well, but also look good. Own polishing machines for the car occurs as a standard. Only in this way you bring the paint in perfect shine. In our shop you do not get polishing machines, but the necessary products for the Car Care. The special chemistry, on which the car care products are based, is particularly important. It is not allowed to do damage the paint but should be able to remove the dirt. Our products in the shop preserve the paint and are very effective. Also ecological products are available in our shop. Car Care from manufacturers such as Koch, Sonax or Lupus, are not in our directory. We offer instead other selected brand products in our shop. Our car care products are certified and thereby offset only permitted chemicals. So choose your Car Care of our store.