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    • coolant of green colour
    • for Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai
    • Ford WSS-M97-B55 recommendation
    • premixed yellow-green coolant
    • protection up to -40°C 
    • VW TL 774-C (acc. to G11 quality)
    • Recommended by Ford; Meets warranty requirements
    • Has to be mixed up with destilled water
    • Meets WSS-M97B44-D, GM 6277M and ASTM D 3306 requirements
  1. Volvo K
    Volvo Coolant Premixed
    As low as €15.35
    • coolant with long time performance 
    • for best protection up to -37°C
    • green color
    • Mercedes-Benz anticorrosion/ antifreeze 
    • lowers freeze point, raises boil point
    • MB 325.0, blue-green color
  2. Honda Antifreeze Type 2  3,785 L
    Honda Antifreeze Type 2 3,785 L
    (€7.92* / 1 L)
    • Extra protection for aluminum components
    • Ready for use product
    • Imported from the USA
  3. BMW K
    BMW Radiator Antifreeze 1,5 L
    (€5.17* / 1 L)
    • Original BMW antifreeze 
    • Highly recommended OEM product
    • Blue-green colored
    • You can admix 50% water to the concentrate
    • Antifreeze, anti-boil protection, corrosion protection
    • Red coloured with the approval Chrysler MS-9769G
    • yellow-green coolant 
    • VW TL 774-C (acc. to G11 quality)
    • for VW, Fiat, Iveco, Chrysler, Ford, Suzuki
    • Has the Chrysler MS-12106 approval
    • Purple coloured concentrate
    • Imported from the US
    • Pre-mixed ready to use coolant
    • Anti-freeze and rust protection for year-round use
    • With ASTM D-3306, ASTM D-4340 specification

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The radiator antifreeze for the car is an important component of the motor protection. His responsibilities are to cool the engine, ensure the transfer of heat, prevention of frost and to protect the entire cooler against corrosion. The antifreeze in the car thus assumes many tasks. To compare the color of the antifreeze with a specific standard is wrong. Any manufacturer can take different colors for different standards. The best known antifreeze standards are G11, G12 and G48. The G11 and G48 have a green or blue-green color and are based on the standard of antifreeze with inorganic acids. The G12 is red or pink and is based on inorganic acid. The G11 and G48 thus should not be mixed with the G12 coolant. We offer a wide range of antifreeze for your car, no matter which models (from Combi to Coupe, of course, and more). Tailored for the model, therefore receive radiator antifreeze products in the usual liter volumes from 1 liter to 20 liters. For an American car model we also provide 3.78 liters and 3,785 liters of antifreeze. For the cooler in the car, it mustn´t be the G11, G12 or G48 Antifreeze of VW, which we offer. We also offer cheaper anrifreeze with the same standards. To ensure the optimum antifreeze in the radiator, you should know what Antifreeze is suitable for your model. For that, just have a look in the manual or talk to your workshop.