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  1. Motul Professional GDI Reiniger 300 ml
    Motul Professional GDI Clean 300 ml
    (€42.83* / 1 L)
    • Maximum engine power
    • Fuel saving
    • Reduces emissions
    • Reduces coking
    • Removes gumming
    • Reduces fuel consumption
    • Clean oil circuit
    • Improved performance
    • protection against wear
    • Reduction of fuel consumption
    • Optimised cold start behaviour
    • Reduction of soot and smoke
    • concentrate against black sludge
    • for longer oil cleanliness
    • can also be used in motorcycles
    • cleaning concentrate for cooling and heating system
    • breaks down and binds greasy and oily deposits
    • suffices for up to 10L coolant
    • seals small leaks
    • prevents seals from sweating and loos of coolant
    • suffices for 10L of coolant
    • improves ignition behavior during cold starts 
    • also suitable for trucks
    • reduces engine noise
    • optimized storage stability
    • antibacterial effect
    • best corrosion protection
    • cleans the injection system
    • for Diesel car and truck engines
    • for low soot combustion
    • high performance additive for diesel engines
    • TÜV certified reduction of CO/HC emission
    • also suitable for LKW
    • higher performance by increasing octanenumber
    • for low-grade or insufficient fuel quality
    • prevents engine noise

Items 1-12 of 58

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Additives are a real performance miracle. Used in fuel (diesel, petrol and gas) or in the engine, it provides even more power. The same applies to the cooling system. Fuels are already accumulated in their base with additives. Without these additives fuels couldn´t be burned properly. Total, as a large company for fuels, shows this relevance of additives in the gasoline or diesel in their transparent view of their production of fuels. But not only Total enriches its fuel with additives, but each manufacturer of fuels. For fuels thus additives form a base. Important features that can still be improved by training. An additional additive for the diesel engine releases the last available power reserves. The risk that the motor is rotating does not exist. Even more the particle residues in the engine get eliminated. And the combustion of the fuel improves.