Car Oils/Lubricants: 30

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    • break-in oil for start-up filling and breaking-in
    • usefull for repaired or overhauled engines
    • piston rings are rapidly seated
    • alloyed single grade engine oil
    • for classic vehicles with and without oil filter
    • for engines from 1951 and older
    • non-alloy single grade engine oil
    • for classic vehicles without oil filter
    • suitable for most petrol engines built before 1930
    • For high-performance and racing engines
    • Allows quick and efficient piston ring seating
    • Helps to maximize compression, horsepower, torque
  1. Ravenol Super HD 30
    Ravenol Super HD 30
    As low as €5.95
    • SAE 30 API SF engine oil
    • MIL und CCMC specification
    • MB 227.0 approval

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Greate selection of lubricants for your car | ATO24

The car is much more than just a motor and a beautiful design. In order for the engine to operate at all and bring down his PS to the streets, it requires lubrication with high quality oils. Some cars need mineral oils and others semi-synthetic or fully synthetic ones. Special additives in the oil give the additional performance boost. The internal engine is lubricated by the classic engine oil/ motor oil. The steering gets lubricated by hydraulic oil or power steering fluid. Thus, the braking force works also at a high speed, the brake fluid helps. The ratio of the transmission may be well lubricated. An ATF (automatic transmission fluid) or Manual Transmission Fluid is indispensable. And so that all parts work smoothly, high quality grease helps. The weather conditions throughout the year should not be disregarded. Thus, the liquid of the engine cooling from freezing, a good antifreeze / coolant should not be ignored.