Derzeit ist der Ottomotor Partikelfilter, abgekürzt OPF, sowie häufig auch als GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) bezeichnet, in aller Munde. Doch worum handelt es sich hierbei eigentlich genau? Jeder von uns weiß um die Bedeutung des schon seit langer Zeit flächendeckend verbreiteten Dieselpartikelfilters DPF Bescheid. Is...

Comparison of 0W-20 Engine Oils

Developments in the automotive industry today are moving in the direction of more fuel-efficient engines. Consequently, this development also has an impact on engine oils as the development here is clearly leaning towards low viscosity 0W-30 and 0W-20 engine oils, which enable lower fuel consumption compared to “conventional” 5W-30 o...

Comparison of 0W-30 engine oils

The low viscosity 0W-30 engine oils enjoy a growing confidence among car manufacturers. The German manufacturer BMW also relies on the high-performance 0W-30 oils and legitimized their use by introducing the BMW LL-12 FE approval. The associated BMW TwinPowerTurbo Longlife-12 FE 0W-30 engine oil (for diesel engines) is supposed to convince wi...

Coolant for motorbikes

In addition to the frequently asked question, which coolant a car needs, we also look for the answer, which coolant a motorcycle / scooter with a water-cooled engine needs.

In the following we would like to show which differences there are with the motorcycle coolant,...


Which coolant is right for your car?

If you look for coolants in several retail stores you can have a choice of many coolant in different colours, for example in orange, blue, green, yellow or purple. That seems to be a little bit weird because the first coolants had the same ingrediants and colour. They all based on a constant balance of ethylene glycol [EG]

Cooling car fluid

7 Common Synthetic Oil Myths

Despite widespread use of synthetic motor oil over the last few decades, there are still several myths that circulate regarding synthetics. Today’s Tech Tip addresses some of these myths. Myth #1 - Synthetic motor oil prevents new engines from proper break-in. While the break-in process can be longer with synthetic motor oil compared to...

Tech tips from Amsoil

Ravenol online at ATO24

How you see in our shop, the most of all Ravenol products are available in our shop range. Our strong relation to one of the biggest german lubricant manufactures enables also a great proportion between price and quality. From the Ravenol engine oil to drag reducer everything is available in here. For companys we also offer special prices. Th...

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